for special moments

Selection of products that are essentially healthy, sustainable, with preferably natural ingredients or artisanal production.

  • Designed to promote well-being on different occasions;

  • Focus on products from small Portuguese brands;

  • Deliveries across the country;

gift boxes

for whole THE year

Ideal for celebrating special days or giving your teams an extra boost of motivation with a strong wellbeing message - based on our functional categories.

Ideal for ...

bringing the spirit of togetherness and habitual belonging of the teams to the home of each employee in a live work environment

Birthday Cake

Company or employee anniversary

Bullet Journal

Mark special days

example: "Food Day", "Mother's Day", among others

Christmas Tablescape
Online Workshop

Important occasions

Complement of online workshops

gift boxes

Special editions

Exclusive Spring Offer

  •   Products designed for this time of year;

  • Combination of food products with a plant (focus on growth) and beauty products;  

* Gift Box currently available

Spring Box.jpg



Exclusive offer for the holiday season

  • Healthy and innovative alternative to traditional baskets;

  • Designed to respect different cultures and food choices (vegan, vegetarian, alcohol-free, ...)


christmas box

All boxes are customizable with the company's image!