Healthy Lunch

Fresh, healthy and delicious food! 

In your office

Available everyday, 24hour/day.

Healthy and delicious meals in the office made easy! 


in one solution

Practical solution  to ensure quality food available at your workspace

Fresh and healthy meals  to boot your team's healthy habits 

Acessible pricing and easy payments 

The future of healthy eating in the office in 3 simple steps 


Swipe your credit or debit card


Open the door and choose your products


Close the door and enjoy your meal

Fresh meals all day long!

From soup to snacks, the Healthy Station offers delicious options for all the meals of the day, without effort. 

Nourishing Recipes

Weekly rotation of recipes validated by our team of experienced nutritionists. All with fresh and natural ingredients. 

Grouped in our 4 functional categories: Energy Boost, Brain Food, Anti Aging e Healthy Balance. 

Exclusive products

Such as fresh and 100% natural smoothies ready to blend.


Including the free placement of our exclusive Detox in a Box blender in your office.

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