Family Box (12 smoothies)

Pack of 12 " Ready to Blend " smoothies (fresh and ready to be blended)



Pineapple + Meloa + Pear + Coconut + Mint



Meloa + Mango + Apple + Maca + Ginger



Apple + Kiwi + Strawberry + Flax


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Family Box (12 smoothies)

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  • Each cup contains 170g of fresh fruit, vegetables and superfoods

    100% natural and cut in the right proportions

    Nutritionally balanced by our nutritionist

    4 days of expiry date

    Keep refrigerated

  • 1. Add 100 ml of water (or milk, vegetable drink, ...) to the cup;

    2. Pour the content into a blender;

    3. Blend for 30 sec. to have a nutritious smoothie full of vitamins