Detox in a Box

Freshly blended happiness

Detox in a Box was created with the mission of shifting the way we eat, making healthy eating simpler, accessible and convenient


We deliver nutritious smoothies to be consumed breakfast or a healthy snacks in the offices. Our smoothies are fresh and natural, but  also ready to drink in less than 1 minute, because healthy eating should not be complicated. 


We believe in 100% natural and honest products, without added sugars, preservatives or any other transformation process. Our main goal is that the choice to be healthy is available to everyone throughout the day, without complications!

Productivity depends on individual well-being

We want to make snacks that positively affect everyday life and simply contribute to a productive break accessible in the workplace.   

Health is more than a diet

Healthy eating not only implies better physical health but is also essential for strengthening mental health, well-being and happiness.


We believe in balance - we are not a “detox program” - for us, the impact of healthy eating begins with small steps.

Food is the allied of happiness

We believe we can impact happiness by offering a fresh, 100% natural and simple to consume product.

67% of employees admit they are happier when healthy food is available at the office.

We deliver smoothies at your office/home!